Peanut Butter Cookies

I am a sucker for a good peanut butter cookie and this recipe has lead me to cheat on my other love…brownies (recipe coming soon). I have been looking at different recipes on different food blogs and trying loads to find the one that beats the rest and I have finally found it. Blissful Basil has done it and I want to give a big thank you and hopefully get some more traffic over there since it is well deserved! These cookies are vegan, gluten free and totally delicious. I can’t get enough of them so, I want to share them with you 🙂 Be aware though, once you try these you may want to consider upping the work out routine because they are ADDICTIVE and I know that I just can’t stop eating them. Yum! Click the link below for the recipe.

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When I tried my hand at this recipe I was shocked at how easy and quick it was (with the exception of strange UK brown sugar being sold in a tiny box and as hard as a rock, I must have bought the wrong kind). I mean cookies are always pretty painless to make but these are especially painless. They took almost no time at all, which means almost instant gratification and they were delicious. This is my new favorite peanut butter cookie recipe and once you try it you will see why.

Take a look at how mine turned out ♥

















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