Can We Teach Ourselves To Be Happy?

Hi everyone πŸ™‚
I recently read an article about training ourselves to be happy. Instead of relying on other people, money, possessions, etc. to make us happy, this article proposed that we have total control of our happiness and we can, in fact, train ourselves to be happy. You know what, I think I agree. This article mentioned a list of 13 things to do everyday to help train ourselves to see the positive and boost happiness levels (if that is what I can call it). Things like anticipate something, smile, be grateful, be nice to others made the list and they are all so simple. Little things to tweak and change to help make us happier. I read this and thought, “I’m in! I will give this a go and see if I feel happier after a week”. So for the last week or so I have been consciously telling myself what I am looking forward to for the day. Most days it is a nap or a good dinner! Even giving myself a nap to look forward to has helped made me feel better since I know that the long, cold day will have a break at some point. I have also been reminding myself of the blessings in my life. It is so easy to forget the good stuff and dwell on the bad and to get swept away in the negativity. I am pretty pessimistic most of the time, although I prefer the term ‘realist’ (I think that’s what all pessimists say…) so giving myself a positive twist to shake things up a bit has been really refreshing. No wonder the glass-half-full kind of people are happier and healthier! But, the biggest challenge for me this week, I have to admit, was the smiling. That is so sad, I know, but it is the sad truth. I have what is ‘technically’ termed bitchy resting face (if you haven’t heard of it, YouTube it…it might change your life, if you, like me, have trouble looking happy). So most of the time I look upset even if I feel fine and I just thought “so what? I look a little rough but that’s just how it is.” Little did I know that all of that ‘natural’ frowning is coming between me and my happiness! Not ok!
I guess the whole point here is to not get bogged down with the stress and rough times because in the end we all have the power to make ourselves happy by simply changing how we think. I really love this whole concept and I know I am going to try to keep it up because so far, so good. I hope this way of thinking is contagious and catches on quick so here is the link to the article. It may not be some scientific, fancy article and it may be a little cheesy, but hey, don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it β™₯


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