Hummus Recipe

Hi all,

Basically hummus is about as essencial as water and air in my book so it is a terrible day when I run out of it. Luckily, I discovered the art of making my own hummus and I can keep a constant supply in the house (you can even freeze it if you make too much, handy right?). By making it yourself you know exactly what is in it. You are able to regulate the amount of salt, for example, or other not as healthy things when you make food yourself and actually see what goes into it. The best thing about making hummus is that it is all to taste so there is really no need for a recipe or measuring but here are the basics:

Chickpeas/Garbonzo Beans

A little short on veg but the hummus is the focus here after all….right?


Lemon Juice

Olive Oil


Tahini (or peanut butter)

A little bit of water

Once you have all of this it is as simple as putting it all in a blender and blending it up. Some people say it is best to actually ‘shell’ the chic peas but I personally like a chunkier hummus so I say don’t waste the time. Start with the tahini and olive oil then add in the chic peas, garlic, lemon juice and cumin (all to taste so no measuring needed!) and blend it up. If it is a bit too thick then add a couple tablespoons of water and blend again until you get the right consistency.

Keep in mind that you can add things to the mix to create different flavors of hummus. Try roasting some red peppers and throwing them in the blender as well. It is delicious. My only word of caution is that it can sometimes go wrong but that is ok! You can almost always save a batch. Now go forth and be creative!
Let me know what are some of your favorite hummus flavors in the comments below


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