A Day in North Berwick

Hello everybody!

Boy has it been a busy couple of weeks! My mom is visiting from the US and we have had a pretty full schedule, complete with spending the last week in Greece (post will come soon!!). Today we decided to take a little day trip as it is her last weekend in Scotland, and we hopped on a  bus to North Berwick. It is only about an hour or so n the bus but it feels like you are on holiday once you get there. It is so peaceful and the seawater air is fantastic! Good for the soul in my opinion so I wanted to share it with all of you!


We started off the day with some lunch at this Italian wine bar and restaurant called Zitto. We just stumbled upon it, although in the small town, its not hard to find though. We had some lovely vegan bruschetta and pizza. It got two thumbs up from both of us, so if you ever find yourself in North Berwick, give it a try.


We spent the rest of the day just wandering around the town, book hunting in charity shops, and walking along the water, it was so relaxing and a great option for a day trip to get out of the city. Take a look at some of my favourite snaps from the day 🙂   (OOTD: Dress-White Stuff, Slouchy Jumper- Frenchy, Boots- White Mountain, Handbag- Fiorelli)


635734542998103904_Afterlight_Edit 635734545128415947_Afterlight_Edit 635734543696521258_Afterlight_Edit  WP_20150725_15_43_33_Raw

WP_20150725_15_34_11_Raw WP_20150725_15_35_10_Raw WP_20150725_15_49_35_Raw  WP_20150725_16_09_32_Raw

635734540066239521_Afterlight_Edit WP_20150725_16_30_14_Raw

I hope you can get a feel of the town from some of these pics! I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend and gets some good sleep (or maybe that is just me projecting my needs onto you……haha).




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