Swimming In the Bluest Water In the World: A Week in Corfu

Hello Everybody,   I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Is it just me or does the weekend always seem to fly by? It is the start of August so that means that it is Fringe season here in Edinburgh! I will make sure to get some good bits and bobs to share in a few weeks. Anyway, I got back from Greece about a week ago and it was definitely an interesting trip. Given the economic crisis going on and such it made for a interesting time to be there. Even though it may not have been the best of times to go to Greece, the island was less affected than the main land and we saw some pretty darn amazing places, like these:   WP_20150719_13_22_13_Raw InstagramCapture_089ed58f-01b7-4d9b-aa74-118af6c05cc1 WP_20150716_12_13_28_Raw 635727417362910026_Afterlight_Edit 635730837226939434_Afterlight_Edit 635726535062350083_Afterlight_Edit 635727377429552008_Afterlight_Edit 635728526830272425_Afterlight_Edit WP_20150720_15_52_05_Raw 635727423606364448_Afterlight_Edit                                         WP_20150720_15_54_31_Raw 635726595071814550_Afterlight_Edit                                          WP_20150719_15_52_04_Raw I mean, you guys, does it get much prettier than that?? A combination of the bluest water I have every seen, the most delicious homemade sorbet I have ever eaten and the most beautiful hidden gems hidden around the island, Corfu was a trip to remember! There are so many more pictures I want to share but then we would be here for hours (and most of them are with my mother in the states….bit of a dilemma!) I hope everyone has a wonderful week gets up to some mischief! Lots of love x


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