The Plant Life: Mistaking my Kitchen for a 5 Star Restaurant

Hi everyone!

Thank goodness its almost the weekend! I am really looking forward to doing some stuff at the Fringe! And maybe try some more new recipes… I took a bit of break from cooking all together for a few months, my excuse being that my kitchen is so tiny (I’m talking you can literally only stand in it…it you take a step, you are suddenly in the living room) but the past couple of months I have really started getting in to trying new things and experimenting with vegan foods..yumm!

I’m not going to share recipes since I didn’t actually keep track of what went into the meals….sorry!! So take a look at the bruschetta and mac & cheese that had me all in a tisy the last couple of days:


I just popped some crusty bread in the oven, chopped some tomatoes and mixed them with some garlic, basil and olive oil and it turned out to be s delicious!


This one I have seen quite a few recipes for, so I definitely did not just dream this one up (I wish I could take credit for this though) Anyway, it is basically just a cashew nut cheese made on the stove top with some almond milk, ground cashews, some miso and some spices. Toss in the cooked pasta and voila! Vegan mac & cheese! I also oven roasted some butternut squash and asparagus and threw that on top, which I highly recommend.

I hope you think these look as good as I thought they tasted. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions on what I should try to make next. I am kind of on a cooking kick at the moment so lay the ideas on me! 🙂

Have an amazing Friday tomorrow and a great weekend ahead. Until next time xx


3 thoughts on “The Plant Life: Mistaking my Kitchen for a 5 Star Restaurant

    1. I just popped the slices of bread in the oven on the top rack for a few minutes to get nice and crispy and then pulled them out and topped them with the tomatoes mix 🙂 It was so good! Although, I am always a sucker for bruschetta x

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