Carrying Around a 10lb Weight: AKA my Handbag

Well everyone, its a new week. How do we feel? I am feeling the Monday Blues a bit but I am excited to see some more shows in the Fringe! This last weekend my boyfriend and I went to a couple; a comedy show (that wasn’t too good, but hey, it was free!) and a ballet that was set to more contemporary music, which was interesting and I love dance so I am a pretty forgiving audience member. He had planned a massage and manicure sesh as well (a keeper right??) which was such a treat! If every weekend was like this last one, I would be one happy girl! Anyway, the massage was probably the best thing ever and was well needed as my neck and back are always really stiff. After I left the spa and started wandering around town again, I got thinking, the sore neck is probably due to, oh I dont know, the monster of a handbag I lug around with me everywhere! Although I may be complaining just slightly, I am totally in love with all of my handbags and refuse to give up anything that I normally carry around. So in my handbags case, this is a burden I am willing to bear. I also thought “why not share its contents with my lovely readers?” 🙂 So lets dive on in, here are what I consider to be the essentials any girl needs in her (totally beautiful) bag. Let me know what you guys have on your “must haves” handbag list ❤

The most important thing first and the only thing worth discussing: The “make up/everything I may need bag” within the bag. I never go anywhere, and I mean anywhere, without this little pouch of joy. I actually feel stressed if I go somewhere without it. It basically just puts my mind at ease that, with this bag, I will be prepared for most scenarios. Here is what it looks like:


So in here I have some mini hand and face wipes (which have come in handy a lot more than you may think, ha! handy…), a Maybelline FIT me concealer tube, a mini-brush from Maybelline, perfume tube (this one is Candies), a tampon (I mean, duh!), a chap stick (cocoa butter with SPF, my all-time fave), Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer in Ginger Bread, a mini MAC mascara, a little hydrating face spray and some good ole vitamin D pills (aka my happy pills because, you know, Scotland never sees the sun…). I normally also have a de-tangler hair brush in here, but I have switched from a Body Shop bag to this Birchbag which is a bit smaller, so the brush has been demoted to just living in the purse itself. Aaaaaaaand I think that’s all. I know I am missing a little lotion but I think I am pretty well covered otherwise!

A bit of a closer view, bit boring visually but you get the idea right??


On to the not as exciting stuff:

– I also always carry an umbrella. Where I come from, the “rainy state” as we like to call it, no one uses an umbrella, but hey, we do in Edinburgh, so I am never caught out without one.

-An extra carrier bag: since Scotland has started the 5p charge for carrier bags, I almost always have one in my bag. This one is from Lush, I think it is so cute!

-Extra hair tie, lip colour of the day, portable charger and headphones…ta daaaa!

                                                                 WP_20150810_21_20_57_Raw  WP_20150810_21_23_06_Raw

Well all, that is what my everyday burden consists of and I tell you what….it is heavy but I just don’t think I could survive without it! What do you think? I am curious to know what you carry around with you everyday, so do share!



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