Eat it. Wear it. Swear by it. — My New Found Love of Coconut and Baby Oil

Happy Wednesday everyone,

Sitting here eating my chocolate coated coconut flapjack reminded me that I have wanted to write a little something about my new skincare practice: slathering myself up with coconut oil or baby oil. Ha, I’ve just read that back and thought, if that doesn’t get them interested, I don’t know what will…yikes…it’s been a long day! Anyway, people have been ranting about coconut oil for a while now so I thought I’d throw my two sense in as well.


Now, I haven’t been doing this for long, but even in a short time I have noticed quite a big change in my skin. I typically am pretty good at remembering to put lotion on, so my skin is fairly soft as it is, but I want to basically assault my skin with hydration in hopes that I can avoid stretch marks or whatever else down the road. I actually think this may be something worth the while!

So here is what I do, when I get out of the shower and before I dry off, I take this little baby:


And give myself a spritz all over. I then just rub it in slightly, then dry off and carry on with my after shower routine. Et voila! I mean who says we need to stop hydrating our skin just because we grew up a bit??

I have also really loved using coconut oil as a body moisturiser. Although this is a fairly expensive habit to get into, I actually really love it. It is a dry oil so it doesn’t leave you feeling sticky and icky afterwards (I’m thinking the feeling of olive oil for sunbathing…). It absorbs quickly and feels so nice on. Also, you smell like coconut without having to spray on perfume….Bonus!!


Here’s how to do it: take a small amount from the jar (it will be solid) and rub it between your hands for a couple of seconds, it will turn into oil. Rub all over.I put a little on the end of my hair as well. Done!

I am just loving this right now and I think my skin is loving me for it. Have you guys tried this? How do you keep your skin hydrated? Let me know!



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