What the Fringe?! Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015

Hola everyone, happy Wednesday!

I keep saying that I will put up some pictures of the Fringe since I keep mentioning it, so here we go! I think I will have to do another one of these since there is still a couple of weeks left and I have a few more fun and exciting things on my list. The Fringe is such an exciting time of year. Every August the world literally flocks to the city in hopes of catching as many shows as possible in the worlds biggest arts (including comedy, theatre, music, dance, etc) festival. There are so many options, and who ever said you can never have too many options is totally crazy! It’s impossible to know what to go see!! Luckily, the shows are never ending, there is something for everyone and you cant run out of things to see or do. The best bit is that it is all over the city and you can just walk around watching street performers, eat street food and hang about (weather permitting, this is Edinburgh after all). So please do enjoy some of the pictures of my shenanigans the past couple of days 🙂 Please hang in there…its a lot of pictures but they only get better as you scroll! xx

Welcome to the Fringe!
Princes Street Gardens


The far side of Princes Street gardens

                                          WP_20150814_19_48_24_Raw WP_20150814_19_47_57_Raw


                                   WP_20150814_20_28_31_Raw WP_20150814_20_27_19_Raw

           WP_20150814_19_45_15_Raw WP_20150814_19_46_41_Raw WP_20150814_19_48_54_Raw

The Balmoral Hotel

                                   WP_20150812_19_34_58_Raw     WP_20150812_19_57_05_Raw

How cute is this photo booth?! I almost died.

                               WP_20150815_13_17_09_Raw   WP_20150815_13_16_26_Raw

One of the Fringe outdoor Venues x

                                    WP_20150815_14_21_33_Raw   WP_20150815_14_29_11_Raw

From the rooftop of the National Museum of Scotland
Those circus mirrors though…can we just appreciate what its doing for my right hand down there..
Inside the National Museum of Scotland


                                    WP_20150814_20_55_24_Raw   WP_20150814_20_56_12_Raw


Lovecrumbs. Check this place out if you are in town!
Featuring some vegan chocolate cake in the front there!

                                  WP_20150815_15_30_30_Raw   WP_20150815_15_23_59_Raw

                              WP_20150815_16_46_41_Raw   WP_20150815_15_54_57_Raw

Another outdoor venue for the Fringe in St. Andrews Square

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