Aren’t You Forgetting Something? Oh, It’s Just My Neck

Hello lovelies,

Has everyone seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? I love that film and today I am finally getting to use my favourite quote! Whoa, big day, I know. OK, ok, here it is:

“The man may be the head of the house, but the woman is the neck and she can turn the head any way she wants.”

                ~My Big Fat Greek Wedding

So this is only loosely related todays rantings but I just had to…. Don’t worry, I’m not going to ramble on and on about films today, I am actually going to talk about neck care  Yep, that’s right….Neck. Care. (far more exciting right?!….you guys, right?). I mean come on, did you not just read that quote….how important is the neck?! so why do we keep forgetting to take care of it? I know from first-hand experience that it is so easy to forget when going through your skin care routine. Maybe it’s because all of the products are labelled “face” but for whatever reason I often forgot to also treat my neck. A good few months ago now I was struck with the fear of turning into one of those older ladies who have immaculate faces and you think “phew she looks so good!” but when you catch a glimpse of their necks, it gives away their true age. I’m not really sure why, but the thought of this happening to me makes me want to soak my skin I a vat of hydrating oil like its a religion and ever since, there hasn’t been a day that’s gone by that I have forgotten to clean and moisturize my neck. It is so easily added into a skin care routine, I feel a little silly that I used to struggle so much with remembering it exists. So here is my advise, if you don’t already, take some time for your neck. In the mornings use a face wipe for a little cleanse and remember to take the moisturizer down you neck as well. At night wash your face AND neck. Use some product on your neck, just your normal toner and moisturizer are fine. You can buy products specifically for your neck (but I think those are unnecessary). The point is, if you don’t want a neck like a chickens leg in your future, take care of it! Anyway, the point is: if I have such a hard time remembering to take care of my neck, I’m sure some of you do to so I thought, let’s get a little reminder out there to show the neck some love!

              Snapshot_20150911_8 Snapshot_20150911_10

Share with me! Is this a problem for anyone else? What are some of your big ‘forgets’ when it comes to skin care/beauty?

Happy Friday!



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