Subscription Box Wars: Birchbox vs. Glossybox

Hola my lovely readers,

As some of you know, I braced my subscription fears a few months back and was instantly addicted to receiving new and exciting products to try every month. I guess you can say I jumped in in a big way because I went from zero boxes to two in the matter of a month. I did a lot of research online before deciding what boxes I wanted to try out and although I was impressed with most and tempted by many, I landed on Birchbox and Glossybox as my two winners. I feel that now, after a few months of getting these two boxes (or bag one month for Birchbox, which has taken up residence in my purse) I can give a fair opinion of which I prefer so here we go! The gloves are on and the battle of the subscription boxes is on:

This month both boxes have done something a little special: Birchbox is celebrating their birthday (5 years) and Glossybox has done a style edit, so pretty fair playing ground if you ask me.



Here is what came in each box. Notice the sizing, brands, packaging…. The two boxes are very different but each has its merits. I love the presentation of Glossy box, it is so pretty and it feels like I’m unwrapping a gift every month. I like that Birchbox comes with a little pull-string bag because I can use those for loads of other things and the products are always good for travel.



Glossybox tends to have bigger products (which I LOVE) while Birchbox tends to have smaller samples of more well known brands, which I also love, what can I say, I’m a girl obsessed. They are the same price, so it is really up to you to decide which is more important to you.




All of the products in this months boxes, and every month for that matter, are products that I am genuinely excited to use, and a girl cant complain about having someone choose some new beauty items for you to try out. But, as with every competition there has to be a winner and although both are treats to find on my doorstep, I am going to have to choose between the two and at the end of the day Glossybox has my heart.


What is your favourite subscription box? Let me know if you see anything in either of these boxes you want me to review and I will make that happen 🙂 If you have tried both of these boxes, let me know if you agree with my winner or not.

Wishing everyone a fantastic weekend. Until next time loves,



12 thoughts on “Subscription Box Wars: Birchbox vs. Glossybox

  1. I’m still a little nervous about whether or not I should subscribe to a monthly box, but after reading your post I really want to! I love that you’ve laid out the pros and cons of each box, really helpful post! x

  2. So glad you did this post as I’ve got a birchbox sub too but was thinking about the Glossybox! If you would like to read my thoughts check it out on https:// fab post hun x

  3. I have been a birchbox subscriber for near a year, but I have to say lately I have found the service to drop, and this month I haven’t even received it. I have been considering switching to another box and I like what you have written about GlossyBox so I may give it a go.
    If you get a chance,I’d love for you to check out my blog too. x

    1. I really do like Glossybox. I haven’t had an issue with either so I cant talk about the customer service but I am a huge fan of the Glossybox as a whole. I hope you find one that you like! I’ll head over to your blog now xx

  4. My vote’s for Glossybox, let me tell you why. I recently got a defective box…. product smashed in shipment and one product was just not good…. popped an email to customer service and they requested I send a picture of the products which I did. Rather than making me pay to return the stuff they simply told me they would forward to me replacement products…. I like a company that stands by their product and cares about customer satisfaction. Had they not, I would have cancelled my subscription….so Kuddos to Glossybox!!!! Well Done!!!!!
    BTW….. Love your blogs and I think you are really pretty.

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