A Make Up Bag is a Girls Best Friend

Hello my lovelies,

Is it just me or when it comes me to travel (or take your make up anywhere for that matter) I always have a bit of a struggle with what to put it in. Normally I keep all of my beauty products in an organized drawer/drawers in my bedroom, but I haven’t had a cute travel bag to put them in if I needed to take it somewhere, until now. I recently found these cute bags by Ollie and Olivia in TK Maxx (one of my holy lands) and I think they are just really fun and cutesy. I love the patterns on the outside and the fact that the inside lining is easy to wipe down is probably my fave bit. These bad boys also hold a lot more thank you would think! I only bought the two but there is more than enough room in these to fit the essentials (and my idea of essentials is basically my whole make-up collection). I haven’t been able to find these online, so if you know what the deal is with these make sure to let me know! Ok, ok, without further ado, I present the Ollie and Oliva cosmetic bags:

WP_20150918_17_27_28_Raw      12021765_10207590384534862_1847021948_n

12030836_10207590384254855_1859270891_n   WP_20150918_17_21_55_Raw

What to you guys think? Let me know what you use for your travel bags as well, I always love hearing from you!



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