Review: Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Xtreme Mascara

Hello lovely ladies,

It’s review time! I have just polished off the last bit of the mascara that I have been using and I actually l really enjoyed it. There has been so much hype of the Roller Lash mascara that other really great mascaras have been missing out. So here it is, the Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Xtreme Mascara.


This is advertised for both length and volume and when I saw that I gave myself a little chuckle and thought “yeah right” but I thought I’d give it a go anyway. I would say that this is a bit more voluminising than lengthening but it actually does do both! There is no need to double up on mascaras because this is a two in one! It has a dual impact brush and they say that the flat side is for length and the rounded side is for volume (lets be real….I just slap this stuff on whichever way I feel like…) but the brush is  a good side and I do like the rounded aspect because it seems to grip all of the lashes to give them a really nice coat.


My main ‘not so positives’ about this product was that it seemed to go thick and a bit clumpy a bit faster than other mascaras I have used, but to be fair, it still took quite a while for that to start. I also seem to end up with a little more on my lids becasue the brush is a bit bigger, but really, those are minor faults. I have been using this as my everyday mascara and have been loving it. If anyone else has used this mascara let me know and also throw out some suggestions of what you think I should try next!



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