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Hello world,

The lovely Lenka from Lenka-Dot tagged me for this post, her blog is great so you guys should head over and check it out The rules: give a mention to who tagged you, share a list of 10 things you love and 10 things you hate and when you are done, tag 10 other amazing bloggers to post their lists as well. This post was actually a lot more difficult than I had anticipated (which is why it has taken me so long to get it finished!) and I’m sure as soon as I post it things will flood into my head but, for now, I think I have finally come up with the lists! So without further ado, my 10 loves and hates.


  1. Dance – probably my one true passion in life. I started lessons when I was very young and was actually pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. I don’t get to do it as much as I like these days but I feel truly confident and myself when I’m dancing.
  2. Chai Tea Lattes – I have an obsession, its true. Oregon Chai Tea is the absolute best in the world, I kid you not. I cant get it in the UK (without extreme shipping rates) and it feels like my soul is dying a little with out it. Massively in love with chai tea.
  3. Sleeping – I know this is a weird one, but I really do love my sleep. Without it I would be one very sad, angry person so I am forever grateful for my bed, massive duvet and copious amounts of pillows.
  4. Pampering myself – I love, love, love having ‘me’ time. Nothing is better than lighting some candles, putting on some Enya, having a bath, using all of my indulgent beauty products, and taking some time out for me. It’s just bliss.
  5. Family – While I have a small family, I love them to bits. They drive me crazy, don’t get me wrong, but they are honestly some of the best people in this world. I feel very blessed to have them in my life and I love them to the moon and back (or more than chocolate…I’m not sure which is more…)
  6. Sports – I love being active and growing up this is how I was social, I played sports. I just love getting out and challenging myself physically. My favourites are volleyball, cheer (yes it is a sport), and athletics (or track for my Yank friends).
  7. Beautiful scenery – I think everyone loves a good view, but I would say I am particularly taken by the worlds natural beauty. There is something so peaceful and healing about an amazing landscape.
  8. Dogs – Huge dog fan over here you guys. I am totally a dog lady. I don’t have one at the moment but I cannot wait until the day I come home with a little fluff ball! My parents have a Bernese Mountain dog and she is such a beaut. Such a sucker for a puppy (which is how I refer to all dogs, regardless of age).
  9. Singing – singing along to music is one of my favourite pass times. I’m sure it annoys everyone else, but I am lucky enough to have moved in with a flatmate who will sing right a long with me so, yup, I’m that girl. The pop-star wanna be.
  10. Blogging – This one has come as a little bit of a surprise for me. I did think that I would enjoy it, but I didn’t think that I would become obsessed with it like I have. Its an amazing way of expressing myself and it brings a lot of joy to my life.


Thinking of things that I hate was surprisingly hard, so I may have called in for some help from some friends to remind me of what I really cant stand.

  1. Eels – For whatever reason I am scared of eels. I remember going to the zoo when I was younger and there was a tank with eels and I felt my body seize up and I thought I was going to cry. From that day on, I have hated eels, irrational, yes but it is what it is!
  2. Birds – Speaking of irrational fears, I am also afraid of birds. I hate when they are on the side walks or flying low, close to my head. I just picture being attached and the movie Birds pops into my head. If you haven’t seen Birds, DONT!
  3. Spicy foods – I am more of a creamy kind of girl (which did prove a bit challenging when I went vegan) I just cant handle spicy foods. I cough, my eyes water, it’s not pretty.
  4. Sleeping with my make-up on – This one speaks for itself really. The feeling of waking up and having make-up caked on your face and your eyelashes sticking together is not something that I every want to feel. I do sometimes end up falling asleep with it on but its my goal to never let that happen!
  5. Most alcohol – I am really not a big drinker at all but that is because I find it really hard to like the taste of alcohol. Now, mix that with something sweet and delicious and I’m good to go!
  6. Clutter – People, clear it out! I’m not sure why, but I have a big problem with clutter. My space needs to be clutter free or I tend to end up in a not-so-good mood.
  7. Sad movies – I literally can not handle a sad movie. They make me depressed for a good few days after watching one and let me tell you, I am not pretty when I’m sad. My resting bitch face turns into mega queen bitch face and no one needs to see that.
  8. Excessive noise – Is this weird…..?? I’m going to go with yes…. but it is what it is folks. I like things to be quiet and peaceful. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good night out or a concert as much as the next person but small doses are needed. Dear lord I sound like a grandma…to be clear, I am in my 20s…haha
  9. Losing earrings – Ok, you know when you have a pair of earrings that you love, perhaps the little elephant ones from accessorize that go perfectly with everything, and one day you go to put them on and only one elephant shows up to the watering hole….no? I may still have a chip on my shoulder about that one…but I do hate losing an earring, or the earring backs. But not I ear the little ones with cuffs and it all works out, so winning actually.
  10. When people clip their nails in the office – I was unaware that this was a thing, but apparently it is and I have a very hard time dealing with it. I cant really give you an explanation as to why I have such a problem with it, but its true, I think it’s disgusting. Take it home people, just take it home.

And there you have it guys, my very weird and random lists of loves and hates. Let me know if you share any of these yourselves and also let me know what you love and hate in the comments xx

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6 thoughts on “The Love Hate Tag

  1. I love your lists! And I can so relate on that sad movies hate. I can not stand them. I really connect with the characters and when one them dies, I´m literally devastated.
    Oh and I loove dogs as well 🙂 Lovely post!
    Have a beautiful night,
    Lenka xx

  2. Chai Oregon tea mixed with creamy coconut milk……. totally vegan and totally heavenly… and totally not available in Edinburgh…. oh well, Starbucks have a pretty good substitute but nothing replaces the stuff one gets at home!!!

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