And Today We Had Wings

Happy Sunday everyone,

What a weekend it has been! This weekend was my boyfriends birthday, so I had the exciting task of deciding how to make it a special one. I am sure I have worn out my flatmates ear discussing the different possibilities, what to get someone who has everything they need and really want? I decided I would go for an ‘experience’ rather than a ‘thing’ He has mentioned that he would like to try flying lessons a couple of times in the past so after some debating I thought, that’s it! I was a nervous wreck leading up to the day since the flight was weather dependant and I had no backup plan, but we got lucky and the weather was beautiful! We had to take a couple of trains to get there and the whole thing was a surprise until we were almost to the air field. I am normally terrible at keeping secrets from him so I was very proud of myself that I lasted for a couple of weeks without spilling the beans. He seemed pretty excited and even more so when the instructor let me go up as well in the back of the plane (I wasn’t so sure about that!) We were only up in the air for about a half hour but that was actually long enough to feel like we had a good go. The scenery over Stirling was lovely and the instructor was great at letting us see some of the sights. If flying lessons are something you have ever thought about doing, do it! It was such a cool experience and something a little different from the norm. Take a look at what we saw, what do you think?






I hope everyone has had a good weekend, until next time!



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