New Found Loves: Lip Colours

Happy October everybody!

I cannot believe how fast this year is going! I feel like it was January yesterday. With the transition to winter, I really wanted to get some new lip colours, so over the weekend, I threw on my trusty flats and walked my way up to Superdrug, with a quick stop in H&M. I went with the intention of getting some nice, Kylie Jenner inspired, dark lip colours and ended up coming out with a couple dark and a couple light. I wish I had gotten a picture of my hand when I left the store because after trying literally every single dark (and some light) shades, I had absolutely no space on my hand at all. It was like a lipstick mosaic! It was worth it though, because I have ended up with 4 colours that I am absolutely in love with!

The first one I picked up was this Dark Chocolate stick from Max Factor. It is a really lovely dark brown colour with a slight reddy undertone. Its not so dark that it makes people do a double take but it just a really nice cozy look, perfect for the cooler days.

WP_20150927_17_27_27_Raw  WP_20150927_17_26_15_Raw

The next one I picked up was actually on accident. Im sure you can guess that I watch YouTube, and I know that Tanya Burr has her own cosmetics line (you go girl!) , but for whatever reason, I just havent bought any of her range, until now. I found myself in front of her stand in Superdrug because I have heard a lot of good things about her nail polish and wanted to pick up Duvet Day (but it was all out!) So I started checking out her other products and ended up grabbing this lip gloss in the shade Lunch Date, and I love it! I am not really a lip gloss fan because they tend to be a bit more sticky, but I really like this colour. Its subtle and classy and it is a great go-to for everyday.

WP_20150927_17_23_48_Raw   WP_20150927_17_24_32_Raw

I also stopped in at H&M (with no intention of buying make-up mind you) and picked up this colour as well. I know I had the intention of getting some really dark shades, but I don’t really have any nude shades either, so this one kind of jumped out at me, and it was on sale so I thought “oh go on…it can’t hurt…” I’m looking forward to wearing this on days that I have really focused on my eyes and want a more subtle look for the lips.


The final colour that I got was this one by Maybelline. This one is definitely my favourite so far. It is the shade I have been waiting for. It goes on really matte which I don’t like, but it has a gloss end to liven it up a bit. The best thing about this colour is that it literally does not move from your lips. I’ve worn this a couple of times now and I put it on in the morning, eat, drink, touch my lips, kiss, etc and at the end of the day, I still have to scrub my lips with makeup remover to get it off. Its amazing! As of right now, this is my favourite lip colour I own.


I hope everyone had a good start to the week. Until next time lovelies!


6 thoughts on “New Found Loves: Lip Colours

  1. I like your idea of going for some dark shades for the changing season, I like that you have gone for some brown shades rather than the predictable deep reds. I recently got a lipstick from the new H&M beauty range, but I really like the look of that gloss x

    1. Yeah I really love the brown undertones! I think they are so flattering and a little less full-on than the reds (which I also love). I didn’t expect H&M to have decent make-up but for the price, its not bad! xx

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