A Birthday at the Edinburgh Zoo

Hi everyone!

This weekend went by sooo fast and I think that may be because it was my birthday weekend and I have to admit, I didn’t want the pampering to end. I am only slightly embarrassed to confess that I may have pulled the “but it’s my brithday….” stunt to watch the shows I wanted or get a back rub, you know, as one does. Despite that, I’m really not a huge birthday person. I do find it really awkward that people feel like they have to do something nice for me just because I was born on that day, although this year, I did soak it up a bit more than normal, I have to admit. This year was also the first year that I thought about my age and thought “oh my goodness that sounds so young!” Now, I am the ripe age of 24 and I can’t get over how young that sounds! Normally everyone is saying “oh no! I am getting so old!” but this year I am basking in being youthful and in no hurry to grow up (well not too much of a hurry anyway). I mean, yes, I am definitely focusing my attention on skin care and anti-wrinkles, I like to be ahead of the game you know, but otherwise I kind of realised that I am just a kid still and have a lot to do and see in the coming years. Whoa, that got serious real fast! Moving on!

What better way to celebrate my youth and resistance to becoming a real adult than by going to the zoo?! I have been asking for my boyfriend to go with me for ages and this weekend he finally took the hint and surprised me with a trip to the Edinburgh zoo. I was so excited that I literally dragged him around the place. If anyone has ever been to the Edinburgh zoo, you can feel for him because the whole thing is set on a massive hill, so not only was I dragging him around, squealing at all of the animals, and acting very similar to the 5 year old counterparts that were around me, the poor guy had to get a work out in as well. There is even a dinosaur exhibit on right now and I was so happy I could have fainted. You guys, animatronic life size dinosaurs…..just let that sink in. That is the closest I will ever get to a real life Jurassic Park. Yes, I am a nerd, I know, but I loved every second of it! I thought some of you might also enjoy this awesomeness and wanted to share. So here we go, a look at a day in the Edinburgh zoo:




If you have made it this far, congratulations! You get to see the amazing red velvet birthday cake that was made by the best place in town: Sugardaddy’s. It is a totally gluten free cake/dessert shop and they have lots of vegan options as well. This cake was soooo good and no one even noticed it was vegan!


Well there you have it folks, a little picture diary of my day at the zoo. Have a good week everyone! Stop by on twitter and let me know what’s going on!



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