One Lovely Blog Award

Hi everyone!

How are we all today?

I have to be honest, I still don’t totally understand the blog awards that go around but I still love getting to do these posts! Thank you very much to Devon for nominating me for this. Go check out her blog ReviewsByDevTaylor she has got some really great posts with some great advice!


So, here is the deal with this one: give a shout out to the person who nominated you, list 7 interesting facts about yourself and then nominate some other lovely bloggers that you think deserve some recognition for their lovely blogs. Easy! Are we ready? Here we go!

7 Facts About Moi:

  1. I am a ‘British American’. I should coin that phrase… I’m a duel citizen which is why I have had the pleasure of living in both countries and experiencing both cultures. I have to say, I feel pretty darn lucky about that!
  2. I represented the state of Washington in a regional choir comprised of 6 states. We got to make a CD and everything. It was very cool and an amazing experience.
  3. I have been a vegan for about 2.5 years now. I know this sometimes puts people off but I am really happy with being vegan. I really don’t have an opinion on anyone else’s food choices (like some of the crazy vegans do…you know who you are :p), I just enjoy my way of life and wouldn’t go back 🙂
  4. I love to run! I did the Edinburgh Half Marathon this year and it was one of the greatest things ever!
  5. I LOVE doing peoples make up. I always did my friends’ for school dances but my favourite was getting to do my friends makeup for her wedding. It was so amazing to be able to be a part of her special day!
  6. I was a massive tom boy when I was young. I went through a stage where I wouldn’t even look at the colour pink (what was I thinking) and anything girly was completely off limits. My mom was beside herself. And now look at me, a beauty nerd.
  7. I love interior design! I cannot wait to get to decorate my own home exactly how I want it. I seriously cannot wait! Even little details like kitchen ware and such gets me all sorts of excited.

Were these interesting…? I’m not sure, you get to decide, but there you go!

My Nominees:

I really love all of these blogs and hope that all of you take a look at them. They are fantastic and I know you will love them too!

Raquel –

Jessica –

Amanda –


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