Review: The Body Shop Tea Tree Body Wash

Happy Thursday to you all, it’s review day!

I know that it is not big news that The Body Shop products are amazing and well worth the while, but I wanted to throw another review into the mix and send some love their way. I have used many of there products before, I am particularly infatuated with their Satsuma and Virgin Mojito line but that is for a different post, a different day. Today is all about the Tea Tree! I have never really gone for the Tea Tree range until recently when I picked up this body wash.



I had been hearing a lot about the benefits of Tea Tree oil in various products and thought I needed to give it a go. I picked up this body wash some time ago and it very quickly made it to the front of my shower as my ‘go-to’ body wash. Tea tree oil is said to have antibacterial and healing properties and as such is great at combating acne, small nicks and cuts and it’s even said to help prevent body odour (although I feel like that one is pretty expected in a body wash….just me?) I have never really had acne or trouble skin so I didn’t pick this up for treating spots, but I do like the idea of the healing properties and it never hurts to be prepared when a spot does pop up, am I right?! I was also really interested in the fact that this is a soap-free body wash, I don’t know about you, but I had only ever used soap, isn’t that the whole point of a wash… use soap? Not going to lie, this did make me think Tea Tree had to be amazing to knock out the need for soap.


Although I was not a huge fan of the smell at first (totally a personal opinion on this one, I know lots of people love it) I have come around to it and it gives a really fresh and clean feeling.  Like I said before, I started with clear skin (sorry!) so I didn’t notice a difference there, but I have fallen for the fresh feeling and the overall idea of Tea Tree. This has very quickly turned into a product that I would buy again to have on hand in the shower, especially on days that I’m feeling particularly grubby or have a stressful day at work ahead. Give this one a try if your in the market for a new, versatile body wash! You can buy it here.

Are there any other Body Shop products you think I should try? Let me know!

I hope everyone is having a great day and getting excited for the weekend 🙂

Until next time beauties



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