Last Minute Halloween MakeUp

Happy Halloween everyone!

Halloween was always my favourite holiday growing up. I dressed up as a witch every year for most of my childhood. I think I thought I’d get my acceptance letter to Hogwarts eventually if I just kept persevering. Sadly it never came and I have since moved on to other alter egos like a cowgirl, belly dancer, you know, the normal stuff. I loved getting to pretend I was something else, and lets be honest, the candy wasn’t too bad either…. Now, my days of trick-or-treating are over and my candy options are limited as a vegan so my efforts are focused on my makeup. This year I thought I would try 3 different makeup looks that are pretty easy, can be done with your everyday makeup products and can go with outfits straight out of your closet, so lets take a look!

12181986_10207825944503714_964748016_n 12182044_10207825947103779_1112062195_n 12179963_10207825945343735_1099550937_n 12188303_10207821223185684_1796028336_n

  1. Native American Princess: Lets start with the easiest of the three looks. It is basically just normal makeup with a little twist.


                                            12181776_10207825947463788_388394154_n 12188782_10207825946143755_163328198_n

The main aspect of this look is the coloured accent across the face. I used a little angled brush to draw the outlines then used a buffing brush to fill in with a nice bold blue eye shadow and that was it! I put my hair in braids and threw on a hair band that was laying around in my hair accessories bag and taa daa, done.

2. Doll: This was probably the hardest of the three looks, but strictly because I just didn’t have the best products to pull this off(which really annoyed me!) Whiting out the eyebrows and under the eyes was the most difficult part of this look, so I recommend using a white gel liner for under the eyes to really get the right effect. I ended up using a really like concealer and white eyeshadow but I think a white liner would be so much more dramatic.

                                          12179963_10207825945343735_1099550937_n 12182291_10207825945463738_1177912779_n

For the face I just used a light foundation, some pink cream blush and some brown eye shadow to add some freckles. The rest is pretty much just a black eye liner to finish off the big eyes and wooden mouth look.

3. Black Swan: This is my favourite look out of these and it is actually a lot easier than I expected!

                                   12188303_10207821223185684_1796028336_n 12179995_10207821222825675_188686262_n

                                   12179208_10207821223225685_904469990_n 12182311_10207821222305662_786209470_n

I used a Maybelline 24 hour tattoo eye shadow cream to cover my face which gave it the silvery/white finish. I then used a blue shadow on Cs (around the outer corner of the eye/eyebrow and down to the tops of the cheeks) on each side and a darker grey shadow to add a dramatic contour to my cheeks. To get the black ‘winged’ look I used a small angled brush to outline the shape I wanted and then filled it in with a normal shadow brush and the same black colour. To get the feathered look I used a thick eye liner pen in short strokes to give it more of a three dimensional effect.

I threw these looks together without any preparation to show what you can do last minute without any special products, so it is possible. To get a really professional look, it would be helpful to have some more specialised products but they definitely are not necessary! It’s amazing what you can do with the normal, everyday products you have laying around!

Well what to you think? Have you tried any of these looks before? I hope this has given any of you last minute people out there some inspiration for a look tonight! Let me know in the comments below and I’d love to see some of your Halloween looks so share share share!

Have a fun and spooky night and be safe out there lovelies!



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