Review: Batiste Dry Shampoo

Hola everyone!

It’s Friday! Thank the lord hallelujah! I have a long weekend a head of me (doing a cheer coach training course) and wanted to share another product review before the chaos ensures. So here we go!

Batiste Dry Shampoo: I am normally against these sorts of products. Why would I want to fake being clean instead of just taking a shower….? Well, because some times life happens and you wake up to find your hair just inst as clean as you had hoped.

Recently we have been having some leaking issues with our shower and are having to take very minimal, short showers. Not so good for someone with hair halfway down their back (ehm *me*) so, sadly, my hair washing routine has been cut back. Enter the dry shampoo.


Since this is the first dry shampoo I have ever used, I cant really give you a good comparison to other products. What I can give you is an honest opinion of how this one worked in my hair and actually, I’m not too disappointed. I have used this before work in the mornings when I have woken up to not so luscious locks. Β And it does make it look a bit cleaning and me a bit more put together. If I had to choose between going out without it or spraying this in my hair really quickly, I would choose the dry shampoo.

I give the roots of my hair a spray (this one has a brown tint so it doesn’t turn my hair white) and then just massage it into the roots to soak up any grease. It does give you a cleaner look and its great for a quick fix. I have noticed that this doesn’t last all day however and by the time I get home my hair is just as bad as it was before the spray.


I would say this is a good middle of the ground product as it is cheap and does a mediocre job. It has given me hope though, that dry shampoo might just have a place in my market.

Has anyone else used this product? Let me know if you agree or if you found something different, I always love hearing from you!

Have a great weekend everyone. Until next time xx


8 thoughts on “Review: Batiste Dry Shampoo

  1. Awesome post! Excited to try this out! I am the same way and have never really purchased any products like this but am realizing sometimes it’s necessary and nice to have around!

  2. I use the Pantene dry shampoo! I spray it in and then wait probably 5 minutes (I just continue doing my makeup or something) Then I rub it in and this one makes my hair feel better as the day goes on! But, after probably 10 hours it goes back to greasy. I would say try it! The only thing is its white so if you don’t blend it in well you can see it hahaha so I just have to triple check my hair! Loved this post!

    1. I should try that one! The one I have is almost gone so I need to figure out what to try next! Thank you for the advice 😊

  3. I loved this one for such s long time and now when I moved to Sweden where it’s so dry outside, it seems like it dries out my scalp even more 😦 i’m so sad about it cause I loved it! Now i’m on the baby powder again πŸ˜€ lovely blog and great post, you have a new follower ! πŸ™‚ stop by my address if you are interested too ;))

  4. You might want to try this- before bedtime, spray it into your hair and plaid hair together, or put them into a bun. It will help with the “clean effect” to last longer on the next day.

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