The Journey to Blackford Hill

Hello everyone!

I thought I would break the static silence with a little post about my latest weekend adventure to Blackford Hill. This was my first trip up there and oh my what a trip it  was! We started off on the opposite side of town and decided to walk our way there and back with a  few stops along the way. We got really lucky with the weather and  it didn’t rain, not even once!


To start our journey we had a hearty lunch at Henderson’s (my favourite  vegetarian/vegan restaurant) and were on our way. Well, with a few more little stops and a  bit of an unintended detour (yes, we got lost). Even that was a welcome  little adventure as we ended up down a quite neighbourhood street with cute little picturesque cottages. Days like this are my favourite because exploring new areas of the city give me the feeling of a cheeky weekend getaway.


Once we finally found the hill we took to the hike. Up we went until we couldn’t climb any higher and we were rewarded with some fantastic views over the city, Aurthor’s Seat and the water.


We were also rewarded with high winds and were forced to give up our high ground fairly quickly, but I did try to get in some  shots before we retreated back down the hill.



After our hike we found a seat at the bottom around a lake and watched the swans swim around and prepared for our walk back home. We made plans to go home via The Chocolate Tree for some killer hot chocolate to warm us up. If you are in the Edinburgh area, you should definitely try this place out!


We wound our way back around through the city and back home. At the end of the day we walked 11 miles around Edinburgh which we were pretty pleased with ourselves about that. Another great weekend for  the books. What did everyone get up to this weekend? I hope it was a good one 🙂 xx







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