Tanya Burr Nail Polish: Duvet Day

Hey guys!

Happy Sunday! What did everyone get up to this weekend? I tried out the Dominion Cinema last night and it was AMAZING! Think couches, recliners, foot-stools and free Pringles….I totally recommend you try it if you are in the Edinburgh area. I also looked  through some old drafts that I never ended up publishing and decided that I would share this one with you today.

A few months ago (4 to be exact) I bought the Tanya Burr nail polish in Duvet Day because I had only heard great things about it and needed to check it out for myself. I normally go for either pail pinks, wine or black for my nails but I really liked this shade and thought it would be a nice light and bright addition to my normal nail colours. I love the packaging of Tanya’s polishes as they are just a little different and it’s so nice to support the blogging/youtube community!


Overall, I really do like this shade and it’s great for the price! I did find it chipped fairly  quickly, but I am not careful with my nails, so this isn’t too unusual for me (ugh!) But come on, the colour is pretty perfect for a relaxed and casual day!


What did you all think of Tanya’s nail polish range? Have you tried any of the other colours?

Hope everyone has a great week!




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