Barcelona for Easter

So I wrote this post a few days after Easter, but I left the pictures to my boyfriend and it has taken him this long to get them all to me! I guess that is what I guess for  leaving the important things to him 😉 Anyway, they are here now so onwards!


Hey guys!

I cant believe the weekend is  already over! Where has the time gone?! I also cannot believe that it has already been a week since I got back from Barcelona. I had never  been to Spain before this weekend and what a lovely city to make my first visit. We spent the 3.5 days we had wandering the twisting streets of old town, window shopping on the massive streets of the new town and gawking at the unique architecture. It was fantastic! So here we go, Easter weekend in Barcelona:

Of course we had to drink from the fountain on La Ramble.  They say if you drink from it, you are sure to return to Barcelona. I, being me, couldn’t figure out how to turn the tap on and a sweet lady had to do it for me, it was really embarrassing. After that, I’m not sure Barcelona would want me  back…but I drank anyway!

We didn’t get to go inside any of Gaudie’s works, but the architecture is truly amazing!

I had no idea the Arch de Triomphe was replicated in  so many places… (I’m really only thinking of Vegas here…)


I have always wanted to see the Terracotta Army, and the exhibition ended up being on in town, so I was all for checking that off my bucket list. Not quite as seeing the real deal in China, but it’s  good enough for me!

We were able to squeeze in a lot of things and we were on the move literally  all day, every day. We were tired but happy, well minus  the half day where the BF made a comment about my accent being annoying…haha! Anyway, check out the rest of the trip:


If you haven’t been to Barcelona, what are you waiting for? If you have, what was your favourite thing? I’d love to hear about it!

Until next time! xx




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