Bring on the Spice: Indian Cooking Class

Hello everyone,

For my birthday last year by boyfriend set up a cooking class for the  two of us, since we always have trouble deciding on what to cook. Unfortunately, classes that are vegan friendly are few and  far  between so we had to  wait a few months before we got to go. The classes were based on type of cuisine, so there were Thai food classes, meat based classes, etc., and we choose Indian.

The day started early with a bus ride out to the country where the cooking school is located. It was so beautiful and I loved getting out of the city for a little while. Each dish started with a demonstration and then we  got to go and try our hand at them. We had such a good time but we got the feeling we  were at the bottom of talent scale in comparison to the rest of the class. We had to ask a lot of questions and made a few mistakes but we managed to not burn ourselves  on the deep fat fryer and I take that as a win. I may not be an expert with Indian cuisine yet, but we were really proud of ourselves when we turned out some delicious food. Check it out!









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