That California Sunshine

Hello to you all!

I hope  everyone is well this evening! This last week has been a rollercoaster of relaxing and exhausting and let me tell you why – I took a trip down to LA for the  week!  Whoop whoop!

My parents promised  me years ago (like before I graduated from  high school) that, as a graduation gift, I could go to Harry Potter world (only in Florida at the  time). Well, high school graduation came and went, college graduation came and went, and even grad school graduation came and went and still no Harry Potter world. But guys, drum roll……..I am happy to say, I have finally  made it to Hogsmead! (mind you, it was during a heat wave but we powered through)

Between choosing myself a magical  wand and waltzing my way through Hogwarts, I also got to lay in the sun, explore Hunington Beach and shop in the LA  fashion district. If you haven’t made it to California, make sure you add it to your ‘to travel’ lists, and remember to pack the sunscreen and shades. Check out the pics below for some travel inspiration!






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