New Orleans with Momma B

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and are all ready for the work week ahead!

The last four days have been a whirlwind of plane rides, jazz music and beignets. That is because my mom and I took a short trip down to New Orleans as a kind of parting trip, since I leave the states in one  week.

We did a lot of walking and exploring the French Quarter, and even got to head out to the Oak Alley Plantation, which is stunning. I cant say New Orleans is somewhere I would go back to, but it is definitely somewhere you have to see at least once, so I thought I would share some pictures with all of you 🙂 I have a travel vlog for the trip as well and that’s linked at the bottom in you are more video inclined. Also, leave a comment below and let me know which city I should explore next!



YouTube Channel



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