Review: NYX Highlight and Contour Pallet

Hello B-uties!

See what I did there?! B. Beauty… B – uties……?? Man, someone get me a mic because this comedy show is taking to the road! But first, let me tell you my thoughts on the NYX Highlight and Contour pallet.


I bought this pallet about 2 weeks ago now (I think) for $25 and I have been using it almost everyday since.

I do really enjoy this pallet. There is a nice variety of shades and I have found them to be highly pigmented, however, they are a bit powdery, so make sure to tap that brush! I do really love the contour side of the pallet. The highlight is nice and I do find myself using it. I would never use it over, say, the Bar of Gold by Charlotte Tilbury (obviously) but it still gives a nice light and lift to the face.


I would say it is a nice pallet to have on hand as a good addition to your makeup collection. I am always a fan of having multiple products in one pallet because its like a one stop shop, there is a little bronzer, a little highlighter, and even a little concealer help with the banana shade. Yes, please!

Have you guys tried this pallet? If so, what do you think? What are some of your other favourite highlight and contour pallets?

Until next time gang,


watermark (3)

2 thoughts on “Review: NYX Highlight and Contour Pallet

  1. It looks real nice. I definitely will have to look into this. It’s probably more affordable then the last contour set I purchased. Thanks for your review.

    1. I agree, I think its a really good price, especially compared to a lot of other pallets! Thanks for the read and comment 🙂

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