Being A Tourist At Home | Edinburgh

Today I had the pleasure of playing tourist in my own city and it was fantastic! If you are a new reader, I live in Edinburgh, Scotland and it is the most beautiful city in the world (slightly prejudice….haha)  

My lovely cousin came into town so I got to spend some time sight seeing with her. The first day was rainy, typical Scottish weather, rainy when you need sun! When we had a break in the rain, we headed up Calton Hill.

If you visit Edinburgh, this is a must. It is just off the east end of Princes Street and only a short walk (up a semi steel hill) and you get a fantastic 360 view of the sights. Princes Street, Arthurs Seat, the castle, the sea, it’s all on show!

We also took the steep stairs up the Scott mmonument. This was my first time and I have to say, definitely keep it on your list. 

It is a tight spiral stairway that gets narrower and narrower as you go up. 

If you are afraid of heights, make sure to hold on to the rails but you will be rewarded with some pretty amazing views over the city. Not to mention the postcard worthy view of the castle.

I think we sometimes take the places we live for granted, so this is me telling you to go out and appreciate the beauty around you. This is also me telling you that Edinburgh should most certainly be on your travel wish list. It. Is. Stunning. 

Let me know if you’d like to see an Edinburgh tour guide post in the future where I tell you what there is to do and where you need to go while in Edinburgh. 

Until next time gang,




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