Review: Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Scrub

Hello Chant-ilys!

As you guys know, my face hasn’t been agreeing with me and I have been struggling with some spots. I have been trying a lot of different solutions and this one I have loved so much I had to share it with you.

This is the Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Scrub and it has very quickly become one of my savior products. It claims to give visibly clearer skin in just 12 hours. Now I wouldn’t say that it gives you clear skin in 12 hours, but it does reduce the redness and the skin looks less angry.


I use this in the morning and evening to treat the spots. In the morning I pair this with the Clearasil Rapid Action Pads to really start the day with a clean and cleansed face. In the evenings I pair it with my Mario Badescu Drying Cream (which is also amazing!)


This face scrub has little blue beads in it to exfoliate and really attack the spots and start clearing them away quickly. I also just love how fresh and clean it makes my skin feel after using it. It does have a fairly clinical smell, but I have grown to really like it as it just adds to feeling clean and fresh.


If you are struggling with some spots, I would recommend trying this product. You can find it in most supermarkets and it is only about £5.00.

Let me know what your favourite acne fighting product is in the comments below!

Until next time,



Top Picks: Zara’s New In

Hello gang!

I have recently been into a couple of Zaras’ and I have to say…..they are smashing it! So, what better than to do a little bit of shopping and show you the best of what’s New In at Zara?! This is only a small snap shot, so definitely go check it out!

I love this embroidered striped top because it can be so versatile. Dress it up for the office with some dress pants, or dress it down with some high wasted jeans.


This Cross Body Bag is so cute and perfect to add a pop of spring/summer colour to an outfit! I love the pearl detail. (It is also available in black if the pink is a bit much for you!)


This coat with frilled cuffs is the perfect feminine mix of class and sass.

Image 8 of COAT WITH FRILLED CUFFS from Zara

I am picturing this lace boatneck top with a pair of high wasted jean shorts with a big floppy hat. It is total #holidayvibes, take me to the beach!

Image 2 of LACE BOATNECK TOP from Zara

This leather embroidered jacket is serious jacket goals. It’s not an everyday jacket, but omg, I think we all need this in our wardrobe artillery.


This short sleeve dress is a great basic to have in the closet.


I love this oversized denim shirt. The detail on the back gives it a little extra something and it is such an easy addition to an outfit.


These are my seven picks for the top items from Zara’s new in. Let me know if you have bought any of these or have some of your own favourites.

(All pictures are from the Zara website, linked above)

Until next time guys,



Travel Diary: A Day in London

Hello guys!

I recently took a trip down to London for a few days, and let me tell you, I had the worst luck ever! I wont bore you with all the details, instead, I will leave the link to the vlog at the bottom so you can go watch that to find out everything that went wrong!

The good thing was that I had my whole last day free, so I spent the entire day on the move and sight seeing.


My first stop was Buckingham Palace (duh…) where I had a lovely stroll through the park and then headed over to Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the London Eye. Only about a 10 minute walk!


I love this area because it is so chalk full of things to see and lovely streets to walk down and parks to explore. Everything is within walking distance as well, as long as you have on some comfy shoes. If not, the tube stations are easily accessible and make it so easy to get around. Trust me when I say this because I was SO nervous about navigating the tube on my own, but with the help of a tube map on my phone, I didn’t get lost, or even slowed down, once!

I took a nice little stroll over to Trafalgar Square where I picked up some lunch from Pret and people watched. Hopefully, no one was watching me, because the wrap I was eating was extremely messy! #sonotalady


No trip to London is complete for me without a trip in to Sass & Belle in Covent Garden. It is my favorite shop so I make sure to pop in and buy something every time I’m in town. It is the cutest shabby chic shop I have ever seen. I am obsessed with it. If you are in Covent Garden, I suggest you check it out (Hint: it’s downstairs).

From there, I made my way over to the Natural History Museum. If you are in London, you have to go to AT LEAST one museum. They are free, perfect for learning something new and the buildings themselves are always amazing. I am always a fan of natural history, so that is the one I chose and I am so glad I did. There was a section on earthquakes and volcanoes, which had an earthquake shop, which simulated what it would be like to be in the shop during an earthquake. Of course I had to try it, even though I was the only one there without a child attached to my hand!!


There was also a section on dinosaurs, which, let’s be real, is everyone’s favorite part…..I loved looking at the different skeletons and learning more about them!

After spending a couple of hours pouring over the different exhibits on offer, it was time to head back to Earls Court to grab my suitcase and get back to the airport. Which, by the way, is very easy to do. It is all connected – tube, train, bus, whatever you need. I just hopped on the tube to Liverpool Street and then got the train to Stanstead. Easy Peasy!


Overall, my trip ended up on a high note, which is always good! I will be headed back to London in June, and I am planning on seeing a west end show, going to Harrods, and hanging out in Hyde Park, so I will do another post for you then with some more London Tips!

Until next time gang,



5 Things Cabin Crew Know, That You Should Too

Hello everyone,

Since I have a trip coming up, I thought I would share with you 5 of the tips I have for staying clean and healthy while flying. These are things that I have learned through a lot of flying and from living with my mom, who is former cabin crew. So here we go, my top 5 tips!

1: Keep your shoes on!

I’m not sure why this has to be said, but a lot of people take their shoes off on the plane. I’m not saying this because I think its rude to take your shoes off. No! I’m saying this to keep the nastiness off of you! I see people walk around the plane and go to the bathroom a lot on long-haul flights, but this about that…..its gross! All that bacteria! If you must take your shoes off, put on some thick socks. But, if you get up, cover those tootsies up. So my tip, keep those shoes on!

2: Skip the ice!

I am not sure if this is still true, so if you do know for sure, leave a comment. But, I do know that the water tanks on the planes are hard to clean. They do put tablets in them but I have still heard stories about nasties getting into the water source, and the ice. I go for the bottled water or the OJ, just to be safe.

3: Wipe down the surfaces!

I feel like this one goes without saying, but just in case……wipe down those surfaces! Always make sure to pack some hand sanitizer and some anti-bacterial wipes. I like to just go all out and wipe it all down, the tray table, TV screen, buttons, arm rest, everything! People aren’t afraid to do what they like on a plane, like changing diapers on the tray tables, clipping nails, etc., so just make sure to wipe down the surfaces.

4: Pass on the nuts!

This is a little awkward to say, but do yourself and favour and skip the nuts. they aren’t the best snack in a plane, with all the pressurisation and confined spaces, it might make things a bit unpleasant….you know what I’m talking about here…? (pass on the nuts so you can pass on the gas too! Sorry to be blunt!) I suggest bringing your own snacks, that way you can avoid the nuts and what’s better than having your fave foods along for the ride?!

5: Take Airborne!

You never know what kind of bacteria and illness you will be exposed too on a long flight, so its a good idea to take an Airborne before jetting setting off. There is nothing worse than getting sick on a holiday. There are a lot of people crammed onto that plane, so chances are, some is sick, so protect yourself against the germs and take some airborne.

Well guys, these are my top 5 tips for clean and healthy traveling on a long haul flight. What do you think? What are some of your favourite travel tips?

Until next time gang!



I’m Afraid of What?! : 20 Facts About Me

Hey guys!

I figured it was high time that I shared with you some facts about myself. I have been putting posts up for a while now and I’m sure you are thinking “who is this person?” so let me tell ‘ya a little bit about me, myself and I.

  1. I am a duel citizen of the US and the UK. I was raised in the US, but moved to the UK for a post grad degree and never left. So while I have spent a couple of summers in the US with my parents, I call the UK (Edinburgh) home.
  2. I am afraid of birds. I was once on a holiday in Mexico with my mom and a bird got a bit to close to me and my food, and I started crying. My mom proceeded to take a picture because it was so pathetic…..and here it is…
  3. I am horrible with nail polish. I don’t know what it is, but I just cant keep on top of it and always have super chipped nails. It doesn’t look classy, I can tell you that much.
  4. I am a certified cheerleading coach. I’m not talking the kind you see on TV at a football game waving pom poms around. I’m talking competitive cheerleading, throwing people in the air whilst jumping, flipping, and kicking away. Sadly, I cant do the flipping, but everything else, boom, toe touch! SAMSUNG
  5. I am constantly humming. I love to sing and find it difficult to stop, so I have noticed that I find myself humming while walking down the street, shopping, eating, working, literally always.
  6. I am obsessed with makeup, but none of my friends are.  Most of my friends are of the male persuasion and even the few girl friends I have just aren’t as bothered about makeup as I am.  This is why I started my blog and YouTube channel because I need beauty obsessed friends! Be friends with me!!!
  7. I am quite shy. When I was little I wouldn’t even like people looking at me. Now I am a lot better but sometimes the thought of having to interact with people is quite daunting.
  8. I am a disgraceful speller. I cannot spell to save my life. And I’m talking, basic words. I’m sure you have noticed in some of my posts. I have the worst spelling imaginable. Sometimes I avoid using certain words and dumb down how I am typing so I can spell everything right.
  9. I love Carrie Underwood. I love her music. She is gorgeous. She seems so down to earth. What’s not to love? I did a CU makeup tutorial last summer!
  10. I adore going to West End shows. There  is something so magical about them and I love every second of going to the theater. I love it so much that I feel sad when I leave because I know its over. I am also insanely jealous of everyone who gets to be in any kind of musical.
  11. I live to travel. I have a huge list of places I want to visit and I constantly have itching feet telling me to go somewhere new. You can check out a preview of that list here.
  12. I am plant based. I went vegan in 2013 and have stuck to that as best as I can since. I prefer to call myself plant based though, because I am only strict with this about what I eat, not so much with the rest of my lifestyle.
  13. If I could do anything, I would be a professional dancer. Not that kind, geez! I mean like a backup dancer, dancers for Broadway, you know, the kind that you see in big productions. That is what I want to be. I danced for years and years and would love nothing  more than to get back into it and make it my life.
  14. I only like to watch happy movies. Seriously, I cant handle sad movies. I feel depressed for weeks afterwards, so I try to stay away from them. Rom-Coms and cheesy flicks are the way to go. I think The Proposal is my favourite.
  15. I have anxiety. I know a lot of people do, and I am adding my name to the list!
  16. Nature makes me happy. I find so much peace in nature and looking at untouched landscapes. I just love it. Even thinking about it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This is why many of my insta posts are of natural landscapes. I love traveling the world in search of breathtaking scenery.  DSC00354 - Copy
  17. My celebrity crushes are: totally based on looks since I have no idea what they are actually like. It’s more about the personality for me, but if we are talking about who I think is good looking.. Liam Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Channing Tatum, Zayn, all the usual culprits.
  18. I like to read. I download books to my iPad like there is no tomorrow. I get really into the books I’m reading, almost to the point of it being weird. I love sitting down with a tea, getting all cozied up and reading all day.
  19. I’m a sports gal. Not so much watching, but I love playing. Pretty much any sport, but volleyball is my favourite. I have always been on sports teams. Basketball, volleyball, cross country, track and field, dance, cheer, I love them all. DSC00866
  20. I am strangely good with directions. I have no idea how. I’m not good with street names and that sort of thing, but if I’ve been somewhere once, chances are I can get there again. It’s like following a mental picture based on land marks and knowing I have been there before and picturing where I am going in relation to where I am.

So, do you feel like you know me yet? haha. It is strangely difficult to come up with random facts about yourself. Try it! Leave one of them in the comments below too so I can see 🙂

Until next time,



Travel Diary: Gig Harbor, Washington

Hello everyone!

I hope you are having a lovely week!

As this past weekend was my last weekend at home with my parents, we planned to take a trip up to Gig Harbor. We booked an Airbnb, which is always a challenge for my parents because they take Mocha with them everywhere. We found a place that allowed dogs, so we went with it, packed our bags and drove up towards Seattle.


We took a stroll around downtown Gig Harbor, which is very small, but so cute. It is like a quintessential PNW coastal town. It’s perfect for relaxing, having picnics and generally just enjoying the view. But I do think it is best in the summer months. This area is also close to where the Twilight Saga is set, for all of you Twilight lovers.



We also took a drive around the area and checked out Fox Island.


Unfortunately, we had a few problems with the Airbnb, for example, no working bathroom, so we ended up leaving at about 4am to come back home. We were a bit sad but it was actually nice to come back and hang out around the house. We did feel a bit bad that Mocha didn’t get a good time away, so we also took a trip to the dog park. Look how cute she is? I just can’t even.



Let me know if you are a Twilight fan, or if you have been to the Gig Harbor area. Also, leave a comment and let me know your favorite place to visit in the PNW.

Until next time!



Sunday Shopping

Hello lovelies!

Happy Monday! I did a little bit of weekend shopping yesterday and just had to share it with you! I originally went into TJ Maxx to get a new handbag as the one I always use it a bit big (this is the link for my What’s in my Handbag video, so check it out!) but as it always goes, I go into a store for one thing and come out with at least four completely unrelated items! Instead of grabbing a new handbag, I ended up in the cosmetics area, and you guys know that is particularly dangerous for me. Within minutes I had an arm full of things I wanted. Brushes, makeup, oils, cleansers, you name it and I had it in my hot little hands. But, then sad reality kicked in and I had to narrow down my choices to just a few and here is what I ended up with.



I really liked the look of these two items. These are the Ellen Tracy Blush and Highlighter and Colour Corrector pallets. The colours in the blush and highlight are so pretty and very pigmented! I have never actually tried colour correcting (I know, where have I been?!) but I thought this pallet was really sweet and it helps that it comes with a little guide of what each colour is for.


I also really liked the look of these Ellen Tracy eye shadows because they are all matte and I LOVE matte shadows and it is surprisingly difficult to find all matte pallets. Let me know if you have any you love! I am not so sure how much I will like these because the swatch didn’t seem to be very pigmented, so I will have to try these out and see, but for just a couple of dollars, it’s worth a try! I also had to grab a new contour brush (which was the one I ended up with out of the six I had in my cart) because the brush I have been using is just too big for what I want to do, I am very excited to use that!

Now for all of you fashion lovers, I also found my way to the shoe area and ended up with two pairs. I am IN LOVE with them. I mean how cute are these?! Come on, tell me they are cute!


I grabbed a pair of smart heels as well because you can never have enough work wear, and these are supposed to be very comfortable, so I will be putting these to the test. From what I could tell from trying them on and doing a lap around the isles, these are going to be fab to wear for a long day out on business!


As always, there was so much more that I wanted to sneak up to the cash register with me, but I am happy with what I ended up with!

Did you guys do any weekend shopping of your own? Let me know what you bought!

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead!


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