Prom Makeup Inspo | Vamp Smoky Eye

It is prom season! Can you believe it! Prom was always such an exciting time of year and I have some pretty fond memories (well, and some bad…) of prom. I got to go to prom 3 times, so I am here to share some prom makeup inspo for all of you lucky ladies headed of to prom! I also made sure to use really affordable products, so this look wont break the bank! Check out the video!

Don’t worry ladies, you will look stunning, so relax and have a fantastic time!



Lottie London Brush Set First Impressions

Hello everybody!

So I have developed a really spendy habit of walking myself up to the St. James Centre during my lunch break for some light shopping. I normally end up searching through the makeup and forgetting to actually eat lunch (not recommended! ha). ¬†During a recent Boots and Superdrug raid I came across the new Lottie London line as I was perusing the shelves. I wasn’t intending to buy new brushes but I saw these and thought “oh hello pretties!” I mean look at them…how cute are they?! And I love how the tips of the brushes match the handle colour. Genius. So I decided to give them a go and thought I would share my first impressions with you in case you too are enticed by ultra cute brushes ūüôā

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The concealer brush: Ok, so the first brush, and the one I have used the most is the concealer brush. It is just he right size for me to dab out the dark circles under my eyes or the redness around my nose. The brush is really soft as well so its really nice for those sensitive areas!


The foundation brush: I’ve been pretty pleased with this so far. I love the colour of this one, so that might make me a little biased….but¬† doubt it. Again, it is so soft and blends really well, so while some of my brushes (like my¬†bare minerals brushes)¬†leave my skin feeling like they have been slightly assaulted, this one is jut soft that I actually enjoy¬†the blending¬†and frankly, that is a breath of fresh air.

Excuse the clearly worn in brush…but what can I say…I’ve been using it a lot..! ūüôā

The crease brush: This one is a little textured and is great for blending eye shadows to soften up a look and to add some contrast in the crease. I’ve not used this one as much as the others but I think it will come out more on the weekends when I actually focus on doing some killer eye looks.


The angle brush: I’ve used this one for doing more of a smoky eye. It’s good for lining the eye with a shadow and I think this is going to be my¬†smoky eye go-to brush, especially for lining the lower lashes. Also, another favourite colour!


The powder brush:¬†It’s so big and fluffy, every time I pick it up and have to stop myself from pulling an Agnes “IT’S SO FLUFFY!” from Despicable Me.¬† I have used this one for powder a couple of times which I like as its just a nice big brush so all over face is ideal. I do think I’m going to start using this with my bronzer though to get a very soft kind of sun kissed look. I think the big and fluffy will be ideal for adding a little bit of all over colour.


Overall, I am pretty darn happy with these brushes. I really like how they look and they are just fun to have in my brush pot. I am a huge fan of the fact that they are totally animal friendly. So far they seem to good quality for the price and I’m happy with the purchase. Right now I don’t think¬†I can say they are the same as some of the high end brushes¬†but I don’t expect them to be at their killer price.¬†I am really happy that I decided to try these out and certainly recommend giving these¬†a try! Happy hump day all! Hang on a couple more days ’till the weekend, we can do it!