Review: Instant Whites 7 Day Teeth Whitening System

Don’t we all wish we could have blinding pearly whites? Well, I have tried out quite a few teeth whitening products in my day and I thought it was about time I shared a new one with you and that is the Instant Whites 7 Day Whitening System.

(If you prefer to listen than read, there is a video link below, scroll down!)


I am a big fan of this product. It is so easy to use and just hassle free. I have used this for the last 7 days and do feel like my teeth have gotten noticeably whiter. I even had someone complement how white they are! If that’s not a win, I don’t know what is!

I have used other systems before that have left me with aching teeth and little difference in shade, so I am pretty cautious of new whitening products. I went into this trial thinking I probably wouldn’t like it, or end up with sore gums, but I was wrong. Instant Whites didn’t give me sore gums or aching teeth and I saw a difference in my teeth pretty quickly.


This system can be used on literally any type of tooth (dentures, veneers, etc.) and claims to achieve up to 9 shades whiter. Now, I think you probably have to start out with pretty yellow teeth to get those results, but hey, I’ll take even 3 shades!


All you have to do is push the cotton swab down until it is full of the teeth whitening solution and then rub it on your teeth for 10-20 seconds per tooth, rinse with warm water and done! Whiter teeth! It even says you can notice a difference after the first use. I am not sure if I could, but my teeth weren’t looking too, too bad to start with.


Instant Whites did send me this product to try out, but I wouldn’t be singing its praises if I didn’t think it was worth it. I really do love this product and will be using it again in the future, for sure.

Here is my before and after shot (please excuse the poor quality of the before)! I didn’t get a massive difference, but it is still definitely noticeable!


If you are up for a teeth whitening challenge, you can pick these up in Boots or online here for £30.

Let me know what your teeth whitening go-to is in the comments below!

Until next time gang,






I’m Afraid of What?! : 20 Facts About Me

Hey guys!

I figured it was high time that I shared with you some facts about myself. I have been putting posts up for a while now and I’m sure you are thinking “who is this person?” so let me tell ‘ya a little bit about me, myself and I.

  1. I am a duel citizen of the US and the UK. I was raised in the US, but moved to the UK for a post grad degree and never left. So while I have spent a couple of summers in the US with my parents, I call the UK (Edinburgh) home.
  2. I am afraid of birds. I was once on a holiday in Mexico with my mom and a bird got a bit to close to me and my food, and I started crying. My mom proceeded to take a picture because it was so pathetic…..and here it is…
  3. I am horrible with nail polish. I don’t know what it is, but I just cant keep on top of it and always have super chipped nails. It doesn’t look classy, I can tell you that much.
  4. I am a certified cheerleading coach. I’m not talking the kind you see on TV at a football game waving pom poms around. I’m talking competitive cheerleading, throwing people in the air whilst jumping, flipping, and kicking away. Sadly, I cant do the flipping, but everything else, boom, toe touch! SAMSUNG
  5. I am constantly humming. I love to sing and find it difficult to stop, so I have noticed that I find myself humming while walking down the street, shopping, eating, working, literally always.
  6. I am obsessed with makeup, but none of my friends are.  Most of my friends are of the male persuasion and even the few girl friends I have just aren’t as bothered about makeup as I am.  This is why I started my blog and YouTube channel because I need beauty obsessed friends! Be friends with me!!!
  7. I am quite shy. When I was little I wouldn’t even like people looking at me. Now I am a lot better but sometimes the thought of having to interact with people is quite daunting.
  8. I am a disgraceful speller. I cannot spell to save my life. And I’m talking, basic words. I’m sure you have noticed in some of my posts. I have the worst spelling imaginable. Sometimes I avoid using certain words and dumb down how I am typing so I can spell everything right.
  9. I love Carrie Underwood. I love her music. She is gorgeous. She seems so down to earth. What’s not to love? I did a CU makeup tutorial last summer!
  10. I adore going to West End shows. There  is something so magical about them and I love every second of going to the theater. I love it so much that I feel sad when I leave because I know its over. I am also insanely jealous of everyone who gets to be in any kind of musical.
  11. I live to travel. I have a huge list of places I want to visit and I constantly have itching feet telling me to go somewhere new. You can check out a preview of that list here.
  12. I am plant based. I went vegan in 2013 and have stuck to that as best as I can since. I prefer to call myself plant based though, because I am only strict with this about what I eat, not so much with the rest of my lifestyle.
  13. If I could do anything, I would be a professional dancer. Not that kind, geez! I mean like a backup dancer, dancers for Broadway, you know, the kind that you see in big productions. That is what I want to be. I danced for years and years and would love nothing  more than to get back into it and make it my life.
  14. I only like to watch happy movies. Seriously, I cant handle sad movies. I feel depressed for weeks afterwards, so I try to stay away from them. Rom-Coms and cheesy flicks are the way to go. I think The Proposal is my favourite.
  15. I have anxiety. I know a lot of people do, and I am adding my name to the list!
  16. Nature makes me happy. I find so much peace in nature and looking at untouched landscapes. I just love it. Even thinking about it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This is why many of my insta posts are of natural landscapes. I love traveling the world in search of breathtaking scenery.  DSC00354 - Copy
  17. My celebrity crushes are: totally based on looks since I have no idea what they are actually like. It’s more about the personality for me, but if we are talking about who I think is good looking.. Liam Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Channing Tatum, Zayn, all the usual culprits.
  18. I like to read. I download books to my iPad like there is no tomorrow. I get really into the books I’m reading, almost to the point of it being weird. I love sitting down with a tea, getting all cozied up and reading all day.
  19. I’m a sports gal. Not so much watching, but I love playing. Pretty much any sport, but volleyball is my favourite. I have always been on sports teams. Basketball, volleyball, cross country, track and field, dance, cheer, I love them all. DSC00866
  20. I am strangely good with directions. I have no idea how. I’m not good with street names and that sort of thing, but if I’ve been somewhere once, chances are I can get there again. It’s like following a mental picture based on land marks and knowing I have been there before and picturing where I am going in relation to where I am.

So, do you feel like you know me yet? haha. It is strangely difficult to come up with random facts about yourself. Try it! Leave one of them in the comments below too so I can see 🙂

Until next time,



If Only I Knew Then What I Know Now…

Hello all,

Today I thought I would share something a little bit more personal, what I would tell my younger self, in the hopes that someone may take away a helpful life tip, or Life Hacks, if you will. When I was younger I was incredibly self conscious and shy and looking back, I realize now that I didn’t take advantage of the opportunities I had, and I didn’t enjoy myself how I wish I would have. I do have a lot of regrets when I look back, but now that I know, I am doing my best to not make the same mistakes now. So here they are, the things I wish I could tell my younger self:

Stop worrying! You have an entire life to worry. Things like bills, marriages, jobs, kids, the list goes on, will cause you worry so enjoy the time now where your parents are still taking care of you and where you don’t have any big responsibilities. It doesn’t really matter if you get one bad grade or if you think someone may be annoyed with you for who knows what reason. Don’t worry about things so much because even though they seem like a huge deal right now, in a few years, months, or even days, it will just be water under the bridge and life goes on.

Talk to Everyone! Yes, that includes the “popular” kids. No one, and I repeat, no one is too good for you. Do not be intimidated by others. Own who you are, even if you aren’t totally sure who that is exactly. You never know who will end up being a life long friend. What I do know for certain is that you will never find out if you cant pluck up the courage to just talk to people. I promise, it isn’t as painful or awkward as you think it will be.

No one cares! Honestly, no one is paying attention to you. I know that sounds harsh, but actually it is really freeing. It is totally true as well. Everyone is so busy worrying about themselves that they don’t have time to notice if your hair, makeup or clothes aren’t just right. I’m not saying no one cares about you, but I am saying everyone is so caught up in themselves that they don’t notice the little things that you think are glaringly obvious.

Cast your friend net wide! When you are younger it is hard to believe that your closest friends might not always be there and because of this it is easy to find one or two best friends and forget that everyone else exists. Well, friends come and go and it is so important to have as many friends as you can. Not necessarily a lot of close, close friends, but you can never have too many casual friends.

It’s ok to not have it together! One of the most important things I have learned, and this is a fairly recent gain, is that the adults I always thought had their lives perfectly together and life figured out, don’t. We don’t get better at figuring out lives out, we just get better at pretending like it. This takes me back to point 1, don’t worry about it. No one has their life perfectly figured out so try to be ok with the fact that you don’t know. I struggle with this nearly everyday. I still want to have my life figured out, but I have wasted so much time trying to sort it out that I have forgotten to enjoy what I have now. So give up trying, what is going to happen, is going to happen.

It is ok to be alone! I know, this is a blasphemous idea, but it is such good advice. You don’t need someone with you all of the time. Being alone doesn’t make you a loner, it doesn’t mean you have no friends, it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you. It just means that you enjoy your own company. How can you expect others to want to hang out with you when you don’t even want to hang out with you? Also, when you get older your chances to be alone are more fleeting and you will really start to cherish the ‘you’ time. Just give it a try, I dare you, I bet you will actually like it.

Please done be sad! I know growing up is hard and I know there are a lot of things that go on that can really get you down, but be careful with this. It is ok to feel sad and to have a good cry once in a while, but don’t let it get out of hand. It is normal to feel down, there is nothing wrong with you, but try to be up beat and really appreciate life. You are amazing and you deserve to be happy. So smile, laugh and most importantly, love yourself.

Live in the moment! I know this is hard since we can constantly be plugged in, texting, perusing Facebook, whatever it is, its not real life! Don’t view life through a screen, talk to who is actually in the room with you. And you DO NOT have to be doing something all of the time. Enjoy doing nothing, enjoy your alone time, read a real book, watch the world go by and go to bed every night thinking that you have lived in THAT day, not yesterday, not tomorrow, but today.

Let it go! Queue Frozen singing outbursts. But for real young version of myself, let it go. What ever it is you are hanging on to, whether it be something you did that embarrassed you, or thinking someone is mad at you, or just down right messing up big time, just let it go. It is such a waste of time clinging onto things and I can guarantee you that everyone else has already moved on.

This list could actually go on forever and I really don’t want to stop writing this, but I know that if I listed everything we would be here for a very long time. These are all things that I wish I knew and believed when I was younger, it would have saved me a lot of time and worry. I really hope that those of you reading this can take away at least one little tip from this because if I cant help my younger self, I want to help others. Life can be tough and it always seems more so when you’re younger, but it is also a beautiful blessing and it is too short to do anything less than LIVE, LOVE and BE HAPPY.