Sunday Shopping

Hello lovelies!

Happy Monday! I did a little bit of weekend shopping yesterday and just had to share it with you! I originally went into TJ Maxx to get a new handbag as the one I always use it a bit big (this is the link for my What’s in my Handbag video, so check it out!) but as it always goes, I go into a store for one thing and come out with at least four completely unrelated items! Instead of grabbing a new handbag, I ended up in the cosmetics area, and you guys know that is particularly dangerous for me. Within minutes I had an arm full of things I wanted. Brushes, makeup, oils, cleansers, you name it and I had it in my hot little hands. But, then sad reality kicked in and I had to narrow down my choices to just a few and here is what I ended up with.



I really liked the look of these two items. These are the Ellen Tracy Blush and Highlighter and Colour Corrector pallets. The colours in the blush and highlight are so pretty and very pigmented! I have never actually tried colour correcting (I know, where have I been?!) but I thought this pallet was really sweet and it helps that it comes with a little guide of what each colour is for.


I also really liked the look of these Ellen Tracy eye shadows because they are all matte and I LOVE matte shadows and it is surprisingly difficult to find all matte pallets. Let me know if you have any you love! I am not so sure how much I will like these because the swatch didn’t seem to be very pigmented, so I will have to try these out and see, but for just a couple of dollars, it’s worth a try! I also had to grab a new contour brush (which was the one I ended up with out of the six I had in my cart) because the brush I have been using is just too big for what I want to do, I am very excited to use that!

Now for all of you fashion lovers, I also found my way to the shoe area and ended up with two pairs. I am IN LOVE with them. I mean how cute are these?! Come on, tell me they are cute!


I grabbed a pair of smart heels as well because you can never have enough work wear, and these are supposed to be very comfortable, so I will be putting these to the test. From what I could tell from trying them on and doing a lap around the isles, these are going to be fab to wear for a long day out on business!


As always, there was so much more that I wanted to sneak up to the cash register with me, but I am happy with what I ended up with!

Did you guys do any weekend shopping of your own? Let me know what you bought!

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead!


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Carrying Around a 10lb Weight: AKA my Handbag

Well everyone, its a new week. How do we feel? I am feeling the Monday Blues a bit but I am excited to see some more shows in the Fringe! This last weekend my boyfriend and I went to a couple; a comedy show (that wasn’t too good, but hey, it was free!) and a ballet that was set to more contemporary music, which was interesting and I love dance so I am a pretty forgiving audience member. He had planned a massage and manicure sesh as well (a keeper right??) which was such a treat! If every weekend was like this last one, I would be one happy girl! Anyway, the massage was probably the best thing ever and was well needed as my neck and back are always really stiff. After I left the spa and started wandering around town again, I got thinking, the sore neck is probably due to, oh I dont know, the monster of a handbag I lug around with me everywhere! Although I may be complaining just slightly, I am totally in love with all of my handbags and refuse to give up anything that I normally carry around. So in my handbags case, this is a burden I am willing to bear. I also thought “why not share its contents with my lovely readers?” 🙂 So lets dive on in, here are what I consider to be the essentials any girl needs in her (totally beautiful) bag. Let me know what you guys have on your “must haves” handbag list ❤

The most important thing first and the only thing worth discussing: The “make up/everything I may need bag” within the bag. I never go anywhere, and I mean anywhere, without this little pouch of joy. I actually feel stressed if I go somewhere without it. It basically just puts my mind at ease that, with this bag, I will be prepared for most scenarios. Here is what it looks like:


So in here I have some mini hand and face wipes (which have come in handy a lot more than you may think, ha! handy…), a Maybelline FIT me concealer tube, a mini-brush from Maybelline, perfume tube (this one is Candies), a tampon (I mean, duh!), a chap stick (cocoa butter with SPF, my all-time fave), Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer in Ginger Bread, a mini MAC mascara, a little hydrating face spray and some good ole vitamin D pills (aka my happy pills because, you know, Scotland never sees the sun…). I normally also have a de-tangler hair brush in here, but I have switched from a Body Shop bag to this Birchbag which is a bit smaller, so the brush has been demoted to just living in the purse itself. Aaaaaaaand I think that’s all. I know I am missing a little lotion but I think I am pretty well covered otherwise!

A bit of a closer view, bit boring visually but you get the idea right??


On to the not as exciting stuff:

– I also always carry an umbrella. Where I come from, the “rainy state” as we like to call it, no one uses an umbrella, but hey, we do in Edinburgh, so I am never caught out without one.

-An extra carrier bag: since Scotland has started the 5p charge for carrier bags, I almost always have one in my bag. This one is from Lush, I think it is so cute!

-Extra hair tie, lip colour of the day, portable charger and headphones…ta daaaa!

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Well all, that is what my everyday burden consists of and I tell you what….it is heavy but I just don’t think I could survive without it! What do you think? I am curious to know what you carry around with you everyday, so do share!