5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming an Adult

When you are younger, growing up sounds like the most exciting thing. And then it happens. Yes, it is exciting and there are many perks, but I wish I had know that there were a lot of down falls as well. It’s true, people do always say “enjoy it while you can” because as an adult you cant do most of the things kids get away with, but did any of us take that seriously enough? These are five things I wish I had really understood before becoming an adult, just to make my transition a little smoother.

Stress levels with sky rocket.

Money, bills, work, responsibilities, all of these things take on a new meaning when you become an adult. All of the sudden these words can be full of stress and it can be difficult to deal with. Being an adult comes with a full set of stressors that can be hard to adjust to, especially if you weren’t ready for them, like I wasn’t. This has been my biggest struggle about adulating so far. The stress. I wish someone would have told me that I would be put under a lot of stress and had shown me ways to cope with it before I was in the thick of things. So, be aware of stress levels and find things you can do to make sure it stays at a healthy level.

Decision making is tough.

Which job should I take? Where should I live? Should I move? Should I take that risk? I want to do ______ but is it feasible? Or, my favourite: Will this make me happy? AH! Enough with throwing big decisions at me world! Making decisions is tough. As an adult the repercussions for out decisions are often much bigger than when we were younger. I mean, deciding what you want for lunch in the school cafeteria may seem like a big deal, but that pales when you are faced with a major life choice like do I take the lesser paying job at home because I might like it, or do I move somewhere new to take the better paying job I might hate? It is really hard to know what to do and I just wasn’t prepared for that.

Meeting people is hard.

You don’t realize when you are in high school and even college that friends and romantic interests are literally handed to you. You have to minimal work to meet people because you are surrounded by likeminded people 24 hours a day. Activities are planned for you and your hardest job is to simply turn up. Once you leave that little bubble, meeting people because something you have to actively try to do and most of us don’t have a lot of practice at this. It is difficult to find people and even harder to create those deep connections that will turn into life long friends. It’s not impossible but I do wish I would have known how hard it can be.

You will change quickly in the early years.

Looking back, even a year, I am a completely different person. My best example of this was meeting up with one of my oldest (in terms of years of friendship rather than age) friends and our choices for topic of conversation. We chose to talk about the housing market, recent world news, job promotions and finding spouses. Yeah, just re-read that sentence one more time for me. Only a few years ago we would have been talking about the merits of High School Musical and wondering if we could get our parents to make us some food. I am not kidding when I say, all it takes is even a year or so in the professional world for you to see some big changes in yourself and sometimes rapid change can be scary.

No one has it figured out, some people are better at pretending.

If you ever get the chance to sit down and have an honest conversation about the reality and stress of adulating with someone, I guarantee they tell you they don’t feel like they have things under control either. So the next time you look at someone and think “how come they don’t seem to be struggling and I live on the struggle bus?” remember that they are probably just good at pretending.

I am sure I am not alone in this. I am now 25 and have been adulating for a few years now, and to be honest, it hasn’t gotten much easier, but it is all apart of the learning process and I am still in my rapid changing phase. I do wish that someone would have warned me about these things just so I could have mentally prepared, so this is me warning you so you can!

Until next time,